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Current and future initiatives

Current and future initiatives

Helping customers understand common law (underway)

Providing customers and stakeholders with more information about the common law journey and process through various channels and means so that they are better informed and empowered to make decisions that are right for them.

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Humanise the process (underway)

Workers and employers are central to the common law process so we need to design the process with the customers at the heart, and focus on the human that is at the core. We will aim to do this by humanising the process through better acknowledgement of and showing empathy for our customer’s concerns. This includes saying “sorry”. Improvements will be made to both written and verbal communications as well as the negotiations with legal stakeholders to ensure our customers remain the focus through each stage of the process.

Claimant assistance and support (due to start in 2019)

This initiative is yet to be initiated however has been flagged to be underway in 2019. It is currently a concept with further research needed to define the challenge statement however the concept is that when a worker is going through a common law claim, they be given non compulsory, free and confidential access to support services for workers and their family. e.g. Counsellors, financial advisors, psychologists that are external to WorkCover. This may also include having a neutral support person that will be available throughout the life of a common law claim supporting the injured worker.

Another type of assistance identified in our workshops was the early part payment of damages to help alleviate workers’ financial stress during their common law claims.

We will begin stakeholder engagement and further investigation of these ideas in 2019.

Common Law return to work redesigned (underway)

A two phased initiative where we initiate a refresh of common law return to work program (completed) and then undertake a discovery into the redesign our common law return to work program to improve return to work outcomes.

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Engaging and empowering you through the common law journey (due to start in 2019)

Workers and employers want to better understand the progress of their claims and what they can expect. We are exploring how we can help both workers and employers so that the process is more transparent and easier to understand. We also want a streamlined process so that the issues and claim are resolved sooner. We are exploring how technology can help us deliver this vision.

Start the process early (due to start in December 2018)

Both workers and employers told us they wanted the process to start earlier. Workers lawyers told us they want us to respond more quickly when a claim is lodged and employers would like us to investigate common law claims sooner (even before a common law claim is lodged).

We will explore ways we can work with workers’ lawyers and employers to investigate and respond to claims faster. This will help us understand the issues on a claim and resolve it sooner, to benefit all the parties.

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25 October 2018

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