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Don and Julie Sager

“The committee will provide support to those affected by work related disease.”

Don and Julie Sager’s son Adam died of mesothelioma (an asbestos related cancer) at just 25 years of age, because of his exposure to asbestos fibres as a toddler.

In 1983, when Adam was 18 months old, Julie and Don had a kit-home built that required the interior walls – that had been constructed using asbestos materials – to be sanded and painted. They were not advised of the danger, as the warnings were on the back of the wall sheets and covered over when the prefabricated panels were erected.

Adam was in the house with his parents while the work was being carried out. Adam’s contact with the asbestos took more than 20 years to manifest itself as mesothelioma, and from diagnosis only took ten months to take his life, in April 2007.

Adam had a wide circle of family and friends, including a sister, Tegan, brother-in-law Conlan, grandparents Ailsa and Keven, and girlfriend Lani.  Adam was passionate about martial arts and was developing a clothing business with his business partner Ryan.

Don and Julie have worked tirelessly to get the message out to home renovators and tradespeople about the dangers of asbestos in building materials.

Don and Julie are participating in the Consultative committee for work-related fatalities and serious incidents to provide support to those affected by a work-related disease and to raise awareness about asbestos related diseases

Watch Losing breath – The Adam Sager story

Don and Julie Sager - Safety Advocates

Don Sager and family

Don and Julie Sager and their family

Don and Julie Sager

Don and Julie Sager

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15 March 2019

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