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Engaging industry

Engaging industryWe engage with industry on a number of different levels.

The Work Health and Safety Board provides a link between workers, employers, industry experts and the Queensland government. It is an advisory body to the Minister providing advice on state, national and international work health and safety issues, legislation and codes of practice. The Board also promotes work health and safety to industry and the community to encourage a safe and healthy culture at workplaces.

The Work Health and Safety Board also is supported by Industry Sector Standing Committees (ISSCs) for six industry groups:

  1. construction
  2. manufacturing
  3. rural
  4. health and community services
  5. retail and wholesale
  6. transport and storage.

The ISSCs advise and make recommendations to the Board on work health and safety issues related to the industry sectors they represent. The Minister-appointed members of the committees consist of equal numbers of workers and employers.

In addition to the Board and ISCCs, we consult with industry formally and informally through a number of industry networks, industry reference groups and steering committees, and on an ad hoc basis.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) and the Electrical Safety Office (ESO) are continuing to partner with industry bodies to provide their small business members with a targeted assistance program. The partnership program utilises the resources of both organisations and other government and private sector agencies to provide practical services and tools to small businesses aimed at increasing the businesses’ productivity, reliability and reputation through improved work health and safety. Partnering with industry associations also provides WHSQ access to a group of small business owners that otherwise may have proven difficult to access and engage.

Industry networks

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) has formed a number of industry safety networks.

The purpose of these networks is to facilitate improvement in health and safety across industry by:

  • providing a forum for local people from industry to come together on a regular basis to share information, ideas and practical solutions on relevant workplace health and safety issues
  • identifying and recommending solutions to workplace health and safety issues that impact Queensland industry workplaces
  • enabling industries to stay up to date about health and safety issues that impact on their industry
  • encouraging safe work practices within workplaces across Queensland.

The networks encourage collaboration by recognising that many industry stakeholders are doing workplace health and safety well and encourage these workplaces to share their case studies and workplace health and safety performance with other industry stakeholders.

Last updated
16 January 2019

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