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Reduction in serious electrical incidents

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) is working to increase awareness of electrical safety and reduce the number of injuries, deaths, and property damage in Queensland through the dissemination of information, education, advertising and industry engagement. Such engagement has seen a significant reduction in electrical fatalities and incidents throughout the community and workplace.

The ESO continues to place strong emphasis on providing information and education to improve electrical safety at home and in the workplace. Service delivery activities will continue this focus through the promotion of safety switches, general awareness about electrical safety, and industry specific information about high risk sectors such as rural areas.

Compliance and enforcement activities will also be undertaken to ensure the electrical safety of the community and persons performing work are prioritised and comply with legislation and standards.

ESO has developed information seminars across Queensland targeting electrical workers and contractors. Employers who have electrical safety responsibilities are also invited and encouraged to attend these seminars to learn more about their electrical safety obligations.

ESO infographic for reduction in serious electrical incidents
Queenslanders are now safer at work - electrical fatalities rate down 50%. Serious electrical incident rate down 38.3%.
Last updated
23 December 2016

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